Table of Contents

Composition, 1st-Year Program (Eng. 1 and 2)

Sorority Rituals and Fraternity Violence
Alexa Baker
Manufactured Identities
Alexandra Guccione
Gregory Jakes

Composition, 1st-Year Student not in Program

Stereotypes in Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart
Julia Merz
Celia Belmonte
Celia Belmonte

Critical Writing by a Sophomore

The Not So Honorable Mrs. Graham
Courtney Rice
Jessica Fromm

Critical Writing by a Junior

A Political and Historical Movement: French "Banlieu" Culture Films
Brian Cohen
Criticism of Degeneration in The Knight's Tale
Liana Diamond
Faith Roncoroni
Ahab's Sentimental Moment
Adrienne Smith

Critical Writing by a Senior

Faith Roncoroni
Faithfully Yours
carolyn laubender
Sympathy and Revolt in The Miller's Prologue and Tale
Krystal Kaai
The Success and Failure of Aurora Leigh's Vision of Poetry
Nicole Bayard

Creative Writing - Poetry

Burial Song for Heracles
Chris Addy
To New York
Nicole Bayard
Caroline Potock
As A Deer Decays
Caitlin Funt
She Floats
Caroline Potock

Creative Writing - Fiction

Drinking with Two Hands
Stephanie Zimmerman
The Weight of Things
Chris Addy
Vani Pyda

Creative Writing - Non-Fiction

Are You Ready For Some Football?
Jenna Browning
Faith Roncoroni
Faith Roncoroni

Modern Languages and Literature

Chelsea Perkins
La Féminisme de Molière
Tara Goldberg
Michel Tremblay et L’évolution de la langue au Québec
Kristina Pino