Lehigh Student Award Winners Journal

Lehigh University's Lehigh Student Award Winners (L-SAW) gathers together prize-winning student scholarship. Currently, the site includes winning submissions for the Williams Writing and Performance Awards and the Donald T. Campbell Social Science Research Prizes.

The Libraries Student Research Prize

Lehigh University Libraries is accepting submissions from all disciplines for the new, annually awarded Libraries Student Research Prize for undergraduates. Annually awarded, papers and projects completed within a calendar year, starting in 2010, may be eligible for the award. The focus of the prize is the library research process and use of library resources. The quality of the research project/paper, the bibliography, and student description of the research process are of equal importance in evaluating submissions.

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Williams Prize

Established in 1908 by Edward H. Williams, professor of geology and mechanical engineering, the Williams Prizes, which range from $200 to $1000, recognize outstanding work in writing and performance.

2020 SUBMISSIONS: Deadline for 2020 Williams Prize submissions will be 2:00 p.m. on March 27, 2020. 2020 submissions will be made using the following Qualtrics form: 2020 Williams Prize Submission Form. Contact: Rob Weidman (row3@lehigh.edu) with any problems or questions regarding electronic submissions.

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Campbell Prize

The Campbell Prize awards $500 for social science papers of high quality, methodological originality, and societal significance, as embodied in the work of Donald T. Campbell, a Lehigh University faculty member who passed away on May 6, 1996.

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